How to Train Yourself to Be Godly


To the leader of the study:

A teen embarking on studying the Bible must have the maturity to follow through with the life changing decisions that they will make throughout the study series. One way that their maturity can be discerned is by their efforts to train themselves in godliness through their personal Bible study and their conduct around other teens. Look for signs that they are taking their spiritual progress into their own hands and not waiting for others to do all of the initiating.

The goal of this study is to help them to see their need to be self-motivated in their relationship with God and the pursuit of their studies. Hopefully they will come away with the confidence that they can mature in their character quickly.



1.) What is involved in training? (athletic, spiritual)

a.) repetition

b.) learning the basics

2.) How will you train yourself to be godly?

a.) consistent, daily times with God in Bible study and prayer

b.) sharing your faith daily

c.) having self-control in challenging situations

• The goal of this study is to help you to see that your spiritual progress depends on your willingness

and effort to build your relationship with God on the foundation that has been laid by others. God wants each of us to take personal responsibility to mature and grow. To be godly requires self discipline and seriousness in heart and mind.

The Scriptures

1 Peter 2:2-3

Q: What does it mean to “crave”?

a.) to have an intense desire

b.) can’t wait to get it

Q: What is “pure spiritual milk”?

a.) the Bible and prayer

b.) godly advice from parents, teachers and leaders

c.) Christlike examples

• Bottom line: What we desire, we pursue. You must cultivate an appetite for a godly character by “tasting” the goodness of the Lord through your personal Bible study and imitating godly qualities in others.

1 Timothy 4:12

Q: What example can you set for other teens?

a.) Bible study and prayer being daily and life-changing

b.) daily evangelism with faith

c.) home life (Christianity starts in the home!)

d.) serving without hesitation

e.) speaking to others to build them up and not tear them down, whether it’s a challenge or an encouragement; giving from your heart in all conversations

f.) acting maturely in church (not silly or immature)

g.) being real and sincere in your motivation to become a Christian

• Bottom line: Even though you are young, you can inspire others by your godly example.

Personal Heart-Check Questions

Q: What areas do you see that you need to mature in?

Q: Are you willing to take responsibility for seeking to change in these areas?

Practical Application

• Keep a journal for your quiet times so that you can remind yourself of the things you are learning and growing in.

• Decide that you will be an example to the other teens when you are in the fellowship.

• Go over the studies we are doing so that you can be sure to put the things you are learning into practice.

• Write a one-page essay describing the areas that you need to grow in and what you will initiate to see them change.