Bible Studies in Fresno

Every Person Matters!

Through Bible studies that present the heart-check questions that help you apply the Bible to your life, while getting to know a few other members who are asking themselves the same questions.

The God who created us

We believe God is the Lord over all time, all earth, all creation, that the Bible is His love letter to us, and that He continues to work in our lives and speak to us through His Holy Spirit. 

Biblical truth matters and that is what both men and women group of this generation should embrace. Study His Word and grow in faith today. 

We believe He did this intentionally and in love, even though we all have struggles and sorrows, and even more so than any great parent, He will eventually work all things out for our good.

Bible study really matters if we want to know more about Him.

Don’t do it alone and study with us.

Men and women are experiencing a rich and rewarding relationship with Him as they join

It’s not just about what you believe, it’s about how you live your life. Our members, man and women of faith, understand the power of living out their faith by serving others. 

This is how Christ’s love will change our community forever. 

That’s why we have classes, regular Wednesday bible study at 7:30 pm, spiritual growth programs, small group, and a lot of resources.

Ready to be part of the group classes? Whether you are in Fresno or not, we are here as your family.

Join our online classes today. Study and grow with us.

Bringing others along to join us and our church community

We all love free stuff, great deals, resources, and good finds. When you find something great, don’t you love telling your friends and family? 

We take pictures of it and post it everywhere! Men and women members of our church are active to do this to spread the Good News too. We also have other  programs that are life changing. 

We also have other  programs that are life changing. 

Even via email, highlight on our online resources, share on small groups, on Sunday worship services message, our exclusive programs, weekly online studies, and more. Your testimony matters.

Whether big or small resources, we share it. These are Biblical breakthroughs and life changing resources.

When people experience the love of God and the church family at CVCC, they can’t wait to tell their friends. 

We as a Fresno church desires to reach out every men and women, student, campus and even those who study abroad. We reach out to them to join and be part of any biblical program of CVCC.

At Fresno, we consistently have more people at church than we have in our membership. We continually draw from a broad demographic of races, ages, locations, background religions, and socio-economic backgrounds, because there is no need to keep this to ourselves: God’s riches are for all, and He never runs out of them.


group gathering at cvcc

We are part of a connected family of churches in the Pacific Southwest, nationally, and internationally.  For more about classes, bible study, info check out:

Are you a campus missionary, you study abroad, looking for bible classes, desiring to join a program for spiritual growth, or for men and women who seeks guidance? It is always great to be connected to a spiritual family. We are here at Fresno Central Valley. We are here to support you. If you need also an online community services and program, feel free to email us. Excited to see you on our group.