Empowering middle and high school students by instilling in them a sense of purpose.

We want our high school and middle school students to ask why and seek after a deep understanding of God.

Our teens meet in informal small groups for Bible discussions and activities and community service events. In addition, we hold weekly devotionals that bring together all the students.

Frequently asked questions

Bring your family to any of our church services on a Sunday and you’ll find a group of welcoming youth who are part of our preteen and teen ministries. Or, contact us and we’ll help you find the group closest to you.

Every Friday, our high school students from around the San Joaquin Valley get together to eat, have fun and inspire their friends about God’s word. Everyone is welcome to come join us. Devotionals typically start at 7:00 PM. 

Middle schoolers have their own classes on Sunday during service and regular events on weekends throughout the school year designed to help them build relationships and answer spiritual questions they might have. Connect with the ministry staff in your local area to find activities for middle schoolers close to you.

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