Different backgrounds, same purpose

We are a group of students from various schools across the San Joaquin area! Our shared dream is to help college students love God and love others.

Our students come from diverse backgrounds and have unique personal stories. While college can be a time of great ambition, it can also be stressful. We believe that even the most accomplished students benefit from strong spiritual connections with others to reach their potential. As a family, we strive to make a positive impact together.

Frequently asked questions

We have college ministries at Fresno State (CSUF) and Fresno City College. To get connected with the ministry on your campus, contact us directly by completing the form below.

We love hanging out, having fun, and making new friends. That’s why our major campus groups are regularly organizing informal get-togethers to learn more about God through the Bible, enjoy free food, and build friendships.

Every Friday, college students meet together at or around the different universities in the Bay Area for exciting devotionals. In addition, several times a year we meet all together as one big family for our college retreats and other special events.

In our college ministry you’ll find students who are dedicated to making a difference. On several campuses our college students have started groundbreaking programs like E-hoops at USF and St. Mary’s College. Students in our college ministry actively volunteer as mentors for teenagers, coaches for children with special needs, and in many other capacities.

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