Our church, pastor, and all ministry leaders we’re committed to helping you and the people in Central Valley Fresno connect with God and others no matter where you are in life.

church ministry fresno (Children)


Nathan and Diana Pantoja have a great family. They  are the parents of three young children and the current leaders of Children’s Ministry.

As a committed Bible believer for years, they have served and loved this ministry with their whole life and devotion for over 18 years of helping children mature in faith at an early age.

Nathan is a middle school teacher and Diana is an educational psychologist who currently homeschools their children.

Children and their spiritual life really matters. They need to learn at an early age how God could guide them as they grow up.

We always appreciate them as part of our church family and their commitment to raise up children to grow in love and faith to God.


Marques & Vicky Varanado have led the Teen Ministry and with us for the past 5 years. The Bible is indeed their foothold as they raise up their children while leading the ministry.

They also dedicated their life helping this ministry. Their passion is to outreach for teens and help them grow in their spiritual life.

They moved to the Fresno Central Valley and have been a part of the church since 2005. Great years as part of our church family.

They have two young adult sons who have both been in the Teen Ministry while they led. Indeed, a family ministry serving God throughout the years.

Her life hobbies include: gardening, cooking, spending time with her family and friends as well as her career in nursing and hospice care.

The Varnados other passion is HOPE Worldwide where they focus on addressing care of specific peoples needs and of other community churches or tabernacle.

Across all churches, the unique and extremely successful way they have served is the HOPE Food Pantry. This is a unique outreach for them not just in Fresno but across the globe.

church ministry fresno (Teens))
church ministry fresno (Marrieds)


Joshua and Gina Leong are deacons supporting the pastor in the church and have a passion to outreach the marrieds’ ministry, youth ministry, men and women who needs spiritual guidance, and enjoy being a part of the worship team every Sunday!

Great mission to outreach and inspire men and women of faith.

As a Bible believing family, they have two sons, James and Jason, who are active members of the campus ministry.

The Leongs have been a part of the Central Valley Church of Christ at Fresno since its original planting in June 1994.

It is a blessing that they are with us for years already. Every Sunday and across different church events that we have.


Campus & Singles

Jose and Jolissa were born and raised in Fresno. They are the current young adult ministers of the Campus and Career group.

The two met in high school in their sophomore year, living out their passion on the stage. It wasn’t long for their chemistry to grow beyond the stage and classroom and soon began to date. After a long journey that would make any parent stress out, the two made Jesus Lord of their lives about a week apart from each other in 2016.

Since then, the two have served passionately at their local church, ranging from the college ministry, worship team, children’s ministry, HOPE chapter, and teen ministry. The two moved to the LA area, working part time at a sister church for two and a half years where Jolissa pursued a career in voice acting and Jose finished his bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology.

Jose and Jolissa believe that by inciting a close personal relationship with God, there’s nothing our God can’t do through our students and young professionals.

church ministry fresno (Evangelist and Women)

Evangelist & Women’s Ministry Leader

Gary & Chris Simmons have served the CVCC for over 15 years supporting our pastor and our community wholeheartedly.

Blessed to have them all throughout the years as part of our church family in Fresno!

Their passion and dedication to encouraging people to love God and to love others has been pivotal in creating our loving family environment.

They also enjoy their family home life with their children Audrey and Wyatt, four dogs and two cats, and umpteen foster animals through the local shelter.


Spanish Ministry

Dave & Irene Flores are deacons supporting our Pastor in the church and also lead the Spanish ministry. A great opportunity to minister to and outreach to our Spanish-speaking church members.

They have been members for over 15 years and have poured their life and hearts into serving God and the church.

Great to have them as part of our spiritual family for so many years and helping our Spanish members know more about the Bible efficiently.

church ministry fresno (Spanish)